Costumes for Grumpier Old Men

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Title: Grumpier Old Men

Director: Howard Deutch

Lead actors: Jack Lemmon, Walter Matthau, Sophia Loren, Kevin Pollak, Daryl Hannah, Burgess Meredith, Ann-Margaret

Costume Designer: Lisa Jensen

Release Date: 1995

Imdb link: Grumpier Old Men on IMdB

Wikipedia link: Grumpier Old Men on Wikipedia

Trailer: Official Grumpier Old Men Trailer

Synopsis: John and Max resolve to save their beloved bait shop from turning into an Italian restaurant, just as its new female owner catches Max’s attention. (from imdb)

Time/period: contemporary

Our Involvement

Actors dressed by CPL: Ann-Margaret

This is a film that has no claim on us.  It is one of those that you are quietly watching and suddenly you recognise a garment – then it is gone.  I do not know the name of the character and just have a fleeting memory that the coat was pink!

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Ann-Margaret wearing Charles and Patricia Lester in ‘Grumpier Old Men’ (1995)