Greenfingers (2000)

Charles and Patricia Lester’s unique identity in the fashion world makes their work very adaptable for the world of film. Their latest venture into the world of film is Greenfingers in which Helen Mirren wears the designers’ work. As both textile and fashion designers the transition to work for films was a natural progression. Their style is easy to visualise in both period epics and very modern film work. Individual pieces appear in a number of films such as ‘Great Expectations’, Grumpier Old Men’ and worn by Tilda Swinton in Derek Jarman’s film ‘Caravagio’. For Kenneth Branagh’s Hamlet they were commissioned to design and make special textiles by the costume designer Alex Burne. For the film ‘Wings of the Dove’, which was nominated for an Oscar for its costumes, the costume designer Sandy Powell commissioned the Lesters to design a number of major pieces for Helena Bonham Carter, Charlotte Rampling, and Alison Eliot.

Their work appeals to many icons of the film world including Elizabeth Taylor, Barbra Streisand, who buy the clothes to wear to their own special private occasions and more public events such as the Oscars. The newest film release which features their work is ‘Greenfingers‘ – Helen Mirren plays the quintessential plantswoman who dresses extravagantly including designs by Charles and Patricia. The film Greenfingers is to be released later this year in November.

Helen Mirren in Charles and Patricia Lester garments

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Besides the success of the Lesters in the world of film they have also recieved great acclaim in the world of opera.