Our greatest skills lie in producing unique colours and original designs. Our studios and facilities enable us to create bespoke options specifically for different projects – from hand painting the cloth through to the almost limitless combinations of print designs and techniques.

We have extensive facilities for producing limited runs of unique fabrics. Whilst we do not cater for especially large production runs, our specialism is in smaller production runs of hand painted and silk screen printed fabrics using our own designs and techniques exclusive to us.

Fabrics available for interiors, clothing, set textiles etc.. whilst our specialism is in the luxurious silks and velvets, we also work with cottons, linens, wool and on occasion a few man made fibres.

Budgets & Costing

We can generally work with a variety of budgets. Lower funds will mean needing to use lesser quality materials whereas higher budgets allow us to pay much more attention to detail, offer variety of options for different scenarios as well as use the best quality materials. If the project is particularly involved and/or we have the option of getting suitable credits for our contribution then we are more likely to bend the rules!

As a general rule, if outfits are required from our luxury wearable art collections, then the work, materials and processes required to create them are much more intricate, involved and skilled. As such prices will reflect this for both hire and buy.

Costumes and Set Textiles

Costumes and textiles created for both stage and screen can often vary in price, frequently less than our usual pricing as we are able to source cheaper fabrics not suitable for our wearable art and fashion collections.

Hire or Buy

Purchasing outright or hiring for specific periods of time will impact costings as will using items already in stock vs commissioning pieces specifically for projects.


Items from our stocks are obviously more readily available to cater for time limited scenarios whilst being more affordable than doing something completely new. More involved projects require considerable planning, sampling etc. as well as design and production time. The more time that we have the more options are available to us.

Expedited Services

We are fully aware that there are times when things are needed in a very short time frame. As our facilities are within our workrooms and studios in Abergavenny we are able, in most instances, to turn things around very quickly especially in emergencies. Additional charges may apply if work required involves out of hours work. We are flexible and happy to help solve problems which can often arise during filming.


We have extensive facilities for fabric treatment, printing and sewing. We are happy to work with your team members on our premises using our facilities, subject to the necessary assurances and insurances being in place.

Break down and dye

Due the the nature of the way that we work, we are able to create varying looks from pristine and new to aged and stressed fabrics to cater for different styles and storylines. Whilst we are not able to create the full range of ‘special effects’ we can at least contribute a range of different effects for either progressive changes and/or finished articles.


We have a versatile team who are able to not only create garments akin to our contemporary collections but can also replicate a variety of styles from different eras and genres.


We already have a vast selection of options to choose from to create the right look for different projects, however we are also able to come up with new designs and especially commissioned prints which can be made exclusive to the projects.

Samples for look books, mood boards and tests

We are happy to work with your team to collate samples, swatches, etc. for your own look books and moodboards both for working projects and presentations. Costs vary according to quantity and complexity so it is best to discuss your requirements with us.